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As well as delivering excellent resources such as sickness excuses and how to execute themavoiding social engagements and tips on how to get the most out the much maligned art of lounging.

This site is a rallying cry for those of us out there who love to relax and don’t feel the need to spend every moment of every day being active, who don’t mind just being left with our own thoughts. It is a call for us to stand up and eradicate the stigma around lounging, we should be proud but we are made to feel like outsiders, well no more.

Please do not hesitate to send us contributions for any part of the site, or even suggestions for new sections, this is set to be a community site in the purest sense. A place where we can all come to draw from one another’s experience and help limit the pain that being made to do things brings about. Or just enjoy one another’s social and work based horror stories. Either way, I hope you enjoy the site.

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January 11, 2010

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