Draw the curtains, turn off the phone and go back to bed. Social Occasion Survival Guide (Hints & Tips) : Cannot Be Bothered

Social Occasion Survival Guide (Hints & Tips)

How to Prepare for the Unwanted Occasion:^

Listen to loud music before hand

Get yourself pumped up by listening to some very loud music that will get your blood pumping and will help gear you up for the empending onslaught of small talk and trivialities. Many time’s I’ve been sitting on my sofa, which of course has never felt comfier, staring at the TV wishing that my planned evening of lounging hadn’t been so cruely ended, only to crank up some music and swiftly feel a lot better. It may not ease the heartache but at least it makes you feel less lethargic and ready to leave. Make sure the music is appropriate though, listening to to Radiohead on full blast is unlikely to have the desired effect.

Have a drink before entering.

To steal a line from Mr Jay Hurst: You wouldn’t be expected to undergo surgery without the help of anesthetic, and nor should you be expected to go to a social gathering ill prepared. I always like to head down the pub first after finding a friend who is equally socially awkward/lazy. This is definitely the preferred method to having a drink at home, which can lead to you getting far too drunk than is appropriate for a 6pm kick off to a party.

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