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Social Occasion Quotes.

“So, where are we moving on for the pussy?”

- A friend of a friend who I had just met and not really spoken to all evening. (from Jay)

Dan: “Well if you liked the Hurricane you should check out the documentary on Jack Johnson, he was also a boxer treated unfairly just because he was black-”

Friend of a friend: ”I’m not racist or anything, but I don’t really like blacks.”

Dan: Oh…Why is that?

Friend of a Friend: “Dunno.”

- Friend of a Friend on a work night out.

“I don’t believe in fate, but that was fate”

- Friend of a Friend on a work night out. (as above)

“Remember the time I got accused of rape?…Well I couldn’t of done it could I? I went out with her sister afterwards.”

- A friend of a friend at a gathering.(Submitted By Jacksays_Takeiteasy)

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