Because you can only be treated like a chimp for so long, before you start throwing faeces. Random Encounter Quotes. : Cannot Be Bothered

Random Encounter Quotes.

Man in Toilet: “Nah, I can’t do that, it’s not politically correct these days
Man’s Friend: “What’s that?”
Man in Toilet: “Pissing in the sink.”

- Man in public toilet.

“I literally haven’t been out in actually ages.”

-Girl on bus (From TerryBahoon444)

“She’s so cool, like because she doesn’t care about looking cool. I mean, she put her phone in her mouth the other day.. so…”

- Student at Sussex University (From TerryBahoon444)

A girl is looking at a packet of chinese peanut crackers. After staring for a while, she says to her friend..

“How do they make sense?, I mean, logically they don’t exist!”

- Student at the Sussex University newsagents. (From TerryBahoon444)

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