Because you cannot put an hour rate on your mental health. Quotations : Cannot Be Bothered


Some have a hard time understanding why people like us don’t like working, and quite often don’t want to go out if meeting new people is involved.

As such proudly presents a compilation of inspirational quotes, as well as quotes from nights out, days at work, and random encounters. This way, if at some point in the future any of us get sectioned for never wanting to leave our houses, we can offer them this section as evidence that it is not our fault.

Inspirational Quotes

Inspirational Quotes

Because it’s nice to know you are not alone

work quotes

Quotes From The Workplace

You can choose your friends, you can avoid your family, but there is no escaping your colleagues.

Social quotes

Quotes From Social Occasions

The friend of my friend is often my enemy.

random encounter quotations

Quotes From Random Encounters

There is no escaping these people.