Because you can only be treated like a chimp for so long, before you start throwing faeces. Lounging Survival Guide (Hints & Tips) : Cannot Be Bothered

Lounging Survival Guide (Hints & Tips)



Stay up as late as possible, fight sleep. Caffiene is a lounger’s friend, we need it to savour our time of rest and fight off the oncoming day. Wake up early. Purposefully waking up without enough sleep for the day of lounging ahead allows you to nod in and out of consciousness throughout the day, feeling of euphoric idleness, and you know that it doesn’t matter because you can choose to nap anytime, but will probably chose not too because are having such a good time Copious amounts of tea are key


Fall asleep on the sofa or chair, means u get two sleeps The art of sleeping is a tough one, one that I am sure most of us have, at one point or another, struggled with. I for example, had been meaning to start writing this for months. That’s actually putting it generously, it’s probably heading towards years, whilst a large factor in that is my apathy and lack of motivation, a big problem for me was that I told myself that I would get up early each day and crack out an hour or two of writing (I’d read somewhere that this was the thing to do). Every evening I would set my alarm for 6, making sure I was tucked into bed by 10pm, I’d shifted my sleeping pattern back a few hours, it made sense that waking up should be a breeze, It wasn’t. Every morning I would awaken and have a brief discussion between my semi conscious self who wanted to go back to sleep for a couple of hours, and the other part that wanted to get up. Suffice it to say that the semi-conscious guy was very persuasive and rarely lost. I did have a few occasions of success, but every time I got lucky I would try to repeat the results and would never succeed. The late night me started resorting to extreme results, but he was still more often than not scuppered  by the sleepy me. I realised it was getting out of hand by the time I had two alarms in my room going off at slightly different times, a radio going off in my kitchen, a timed lamp that would blast light into my face before the first alarm, and I was considering how I could devise a system that would administer a splash of water to my face at the right moment. Wondering why I had not done so before, considering it is usually my answer to everything, I decided to head online to see if there was anyone out there that could help me with my dilemma. Needless to say, the internet yet again proved that it would never let me down and gave me a few essential tips that had an instant and consistent effect on me. 1.Don’t go to sleep at a set time. My first instinct when trying to wake up earlier was simply to move my sleep time back a couple of hours; I used to sleep 12-8 so it made sense to sleep from 10-6 instead, I was very rigid with this figuring that if I didn’t get the full sleep waking up on time would be impossible. In actual fact, by focing yourself to go to sleep at a certain time you are putting unncessecary pressure on yourself to fall asleep quickly, this often back fires and you end up struggling to sleep making you all the more tired in the morning.

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