Of all the things we have lost, we miss our dignity the most. Lloyds TSB Card Services : Cannot Be Bothered

Lloyds TSB Card Services

Lloyds TSB Card Services

Business Type: Customer Services Call Centre

Location: Brighton
Job Role: Customer Services Advisor
Contributor: Dan

Lloyds TSB

A place of work that is so bad that I cannot remember much of it. So bad are the memories that they are deeply buried in the darkest recesses of my mind, only to be drawn upon at random occasions much like I would imagine an acid flashback or what veterans of war go through.

10 hour shifts, 6 % break time allowance which, if you went over it your manager would come over and question you with a sheet of stats (which were generated from you having to push a button to state where you were at all times you were not answering the phone.)
In terms of day-to-day misery no job before or since has come close to matching this one.
Although I am out of that place, I don’t think it will ever leave me, it was the job that started me on this cycle of despair, the only good thing I can say about the place is that it has provided a measuring stick to compare all other jobs too, always hoping that they don’t get as bad as that.
I don’t need to tell you not to work at this particular office as it has recently been shut down, just before Christmas by the lovely people at lloyds tsb. They do however have other places in the Brighton and Hove, so stay clear.
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  1. Singsy says:

    An accurate account of the torment i would suggest, Dan.

    I remember being told by my team leader that i wasn’t allowed to eat at my desk. I said “i’ve just seen you eat a sandwich at your desk”. To which she replied “Well a sandwich is alright, but you’re using a fork”.

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