Because our mothers never told us it was going to be like this.


  1. Social Occasion Excuses
  2. Work Excuses

How to get out of doing things you cannot be bothered to do.

This section is split into two:

1. Work Excuses:
Work isn’t much fun, and we have to do far too much of it, within this section you will find the following ways to help you spend as little time there as possible.

2. Excuses for Social Occasions.
There is little worse in life than when you have managed to set aside a period of time purely for the art of relaxation, (where your only concern is ‘do I have a good supply of teabags and milk in stock? I don’t want to be leaving the house again.’) Only to have it ruined by a last minute invite to an unwanted social occasion.

In this section you will find ways to avoid such occasions altogether, or if that is not an option how to minimise the pain endured before, and during the event and how to get out as soon as possible


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