WW! Diary Entry 1: Boxing Day Delight

WW! Diary Entry 1: Boxing Day Delight

January 6, 2010 in Waste Watch! Leave a reply

So place yourselves in my shoes; it’s Boxing Day.

Christmas day was yesterday and everyone is relaxing. Be that with friends or with family, people are chilling out after a hectic day of eating and drinking. They might be out having a few relaxed drinks with their friends or they could be at home watching some seasonal TV in the lounge whilst tucking into some Christmas lunch leftovers.

However if you have successfully placed yourself in my shoes as I asked at the beginning of this piece then you are doing none of these things. Instead you are crouched in the confines of a men’s cubicle, cleaning shit off a toilet seat, and wiping up the bits of it that have run down the bowl.

Yes, that was me. It wasn’t the worst I’ve seen, but for a slightly hung over Boxing Day, it was bad enough.

Fuck you people.

Jay Hurst


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January 11, 2010

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